Now, Is This Possible?

VT Gravis Clean Energy fund was launched in December 2017 and invests in a portfolio of global companies including investment trusts which focus on the construction, supply and generation of green electricity such as wind and solar. BMO (formerly F I will be sharing to you in this post.

I am an engineer and an investor who would love to get the best returns from my investments. How does this translate in returns over, say 20 years? So, on average, you will get say 3% – 4% more every year investing in equities than you would get on cash deposits. Last October, financial advice firm Castlefield published a ‘winners’ and ‘spinners’ report (pdf) to cast a little more light on this area. Kay’s broad theme is that you should put little trust in the financial services industry (amen to that!). I was put on hold for a long time, and couldn’t get through. I choose to follow the latter and I start investing in good stocks with sound financial fundamentals and watch it grow over time, while I enjoy the price per share growth as well as regular dividends. Few companies which sacrifice quality to show growth and adopt aggressive accounting do great for some time, until the bad quality loans catch up with them and then comes a huge huge write-off.