Growing Your Tree Of Prosperity

You will end up buying a mutual fund unit when its prices are low, and when prices are high you will buy fewer mutual funds and this all is done under rupee-cost averaging. Fund managers almost always charge more fees than an account you mange yourself. One is doing nothing more. One is “scare to lose”. The other one is “no scare”. Now, it seems like he is one of the top ones. In any case, Charlie Munger is a big fan of him so Li Lu is definitely in the top 25% of the investing world. People in large number are investing in Sunny Enclave flats to give their families a luxurious lifestyle. The game of investing is a process of discovering: who you are, what you’re interested in, what you’re good at, what you love to do, then magnifying that until you gain a sizable edge over all the other people. Real People. Real Story here!

When we buy in the Bull and especially buying in the late Bull, we must make our money from cash flow by realizing profits and even small profits; but buying in the late Bear, it is different story. But; buying in the late Bear and by taking small profit in the Bull or especially in the early Bull, it is quite certain that you are going to miss out the rare opportunity of becoming richer from stocks. So, just sell and take small profit. Based on his personal experience from last GFC as PART-TIME retail investor and after so many years; he finally realized that it is not that easy to become rich from cash flow by taking small profits. This is the precisely the reason why not many retail investors become richer from stocks. Repeating it over long run by adding more stocks soon you will become richer and richer and then become rich enough to change to Sustainable Retirement Income For Life investing strategy. He defines his personal risk in the stock market as not losing part of his investing capital. Profiting from the Bull market and profiting from the Bear market is never the same.

It is 1,009% or 19.9% CAGR over 13.6 years as of 17 Apr 15 market closing price. What happened when he buy and sell over 13.6 years since Sep 2001 for 94 rounds? What happened when he never sell for 13.6 years since Sep 2001? When I first encountered him many years ago, I didn’t know how good of an investor Li Lu was. I don’t usually do that but decided to ask him about his opinion of Lexmark because he was wrong with his initial view a few years back. Never wrong but not exactly right! Is never wrong to take profit in the Bull. Is never wrong to take profit? Buying in the Bull or especially in late Bull you better learn to take small profit fast and survive. Buying in the late Bull and don’t know how to take profits; soon you are going to regret and feel sorry! But, how do know we are in late Bull? How do we know it is buying in late Bear and selling in the early Bull? In this essay Buffett compares buying a 400 acre farm north of Omaha and a commercial real estate investment to investing in common stocks.

Buying back is not difficult. Back to Uncle8888’s Wealth Formula again. 407% or 12.7% CAGR from cash flow over 13.6 yrs and add in value asset into Wealth Formula. Got cash flow coming. Cash flow by taking small profit and Cash flow from collecting dividends is different. To earn profit many traders go with an overtrading practice which becomes the main reason for losses. Think back to the 2004 presidential election when Bush won in a close election. Uncle8888 has tried to buy back so many times. Uncle8888 has done both. You may like to think so. Some tulan folks may start to Twit or comment in their Facebook to show their displeasure! It may take a bit of time before you find your correct area of interest in the world of operating online. The other one is analyzing hard to find where to collect money. The suggestions and ideas that you have just read should provide you with a great place to begin practicing strategies that will help you to make money through a variety of investment opportunities that you see. I troll the internet for anything that will help me make better decisions relating to my money and future.

As a private lender who is loaning money secured by real property, foreclosure is what allows you to recoup your investment should the borrower stop performing. There are the three primary ways that an investor makes money in real estate: 1. from cash flow, 2. property appreciation and 3. paying down of the mortgage thereby increasing their cash flow and equity. Shake leg and collect money dropping from Money Tree. The best funds will close rather than continue to accept money that will harm the investors. If you want to be a successful trader you need to pay close attention to the fluctuations in stock prices. I created a spreadsheet to calculate when it would make sense to close my Keren Hishtalmut and/or take money out of my pension. In a 401k you have the advantage of money flowing into your investment options each pay period to mellow out the ups and downs of the stock and bond funds.