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Since 2003 I’ve been keeping a great big public list of vacancy pages where science communicators and health info communicators work, or might work, in the UK. Then you just need to fill in your mobile phone number and pick from the options: show best location, show city location, hide my info from this friend. If you can find a lawyer to take on the funding of a class action suit, then have at it. Before getting into some of the non-traditional jobs for philosophy majors, understand the valuable skill-set you will take with you after obtaining a degree in philosophy. You may not know it but you actually stand more chance of getting a job at certain times of the year than at others. Eventually one of these contacts up and offered me a job, doing real editorial work, where I was able to gain more experience with different types of publications, schedules, and editorial needs, while getting some real training. Look into enrolling in an accredited online college for some online courses and upgrading your training.

In Canada, some may hold certificates or have taken courses related to the profession. In addition to editing and publishing programmes and seminars, courses in business communications, grammar, technical writing, and journalism may provide some exposure to the editorial toolbox. All this time, I was volunteering with the Editors’ Association of Canada, meeting editors and taking seminars, as well as attending night school at Ryerson (the book publishing programme mentioned above). I went from temping to a research job at a map publisher’s, where I did very little editorial work, but was around production schedules, proofs, and in a sort-of publishing environment. In our latest article, we have compiled tips for keeping your job in Qatar. Because it comes up frequently in my various editorial forums, I’ve decided to put all the tips I have for breaking into the editorial profession in one place. Disclaimer: Because there’s no single definable path to professional editorship, it’s entirely possible that none of these observations or tips apply to your situation.

Since we started adding drops to the kids ears as soon as they get a sinus cold with drainage, none have had a single ear infection. Transportation engineers design and prepare plans for new or improved transportation systems such as airports, railways, highways, drainage, and supervise implementation of such projects. Universities will have scientists who also do science communication stuff, and departments and larger projects might also have someone whose job relates to wider public engagement and scicomm, so uni vacancies pages are a good bet. There are places that are obviously science communication-y sorts of places, such as science museums, learned societies and medical research charities but all sorts of other places fit the bill and have vacancies pages that may be worth noting. You have to find the best color that is pleasing to the eye and would fit well to your employees. Realistic expectations: We tend to have many expectations from the people around us, like from spouse to romance us every day or from our friends to fit in our plan or from our children to listen to us. What I would like is to hear about similar lists in other cities and countries which I can then combine with this list.

If your definition of good writing extends only to literary writing, then you may not have what it takes to edit a corporate annual report. What I would also like is for all organisations which have a vacancies page to set up a page-redirect so that typing /jobs after the homepage address always takes you to wherever their vacancies page is. Full list is here: Scicomm jobs – list of vacancies pages employing science communicators (examples below). I mean yes of course I can google science centres and museums in, say, Canada or Italy and provide a list but it’s probably better done by someone who knows the area. Similarly any organisation with a science PR department. The only way that this will not happen is if people stop attending marginal medical schools. As I went about becoming an editor, I learned the truth behind what sounded like truly Belgian waffling to me when my friend said it: There’s no way a person becomes an editor.