But What Is Short Term?

As I pointed out in the post on comparing Canadian know how much risk you can take; know whether you can cut loss without feeling the pain of losing. The third potential setback to short term trading is a big losing trade. In addition to commercial banks and financial institutes, large business houses also take investments in form of term deposits. Recent update: The recent legal settlements, particularly with Fannie Mae, settle a large portion of the legacy issues related to Countrywide. Over time, a large percentage of cell phones will be upgraded to a smartphone. Over the past decade the valuation has hovered around 170% of BV. You can argue that they are under reserved but come on now, that is valuation gap is ridiculous. Buying today at historic low valuation will ensure you benefit from both the growth in earnings and the valuation adjustment as the stock moves higher. Both companies seem to be selling at distressed prices today given the above facts.